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Lower body exercises such as brisk walking can increase cardiovascular output, without usually irritating tender muscle points.  The result of this type of exercise can be an increase in endorphins (your bodies natural "feel good" hormones) and an increase in the circulation of the lactic acid build up in the musculature.


Dr. Rick Swartzburg,D.C.
Author of
1backpain.com, tendonitis.net and memoryfoammattress.org

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About Us

This site was developed in response to an increasing amount of medical research that is being done on the internet for health related topics such as Fibromyalgia Health.  At Fibromyalgia Health.org it is our goal to give readers an accurate source to research information that we believe will help educate them on Fibromyalgia Health and treatment options. 

We also wanted to draw on the experience of Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C. for his personal and clinical experience with Fibromyalgia Health suffers, what forms of treatment are working in a clinical setting and what products he has personally used in his practice setting.  We have also listened to reader feedback and continue to draw on this to better understand what works for each unique situation.  We plan to regularly update this site with any new information from future surveys or updated research on any Fibromyalgia Health related topics.  Dr. Swartzburg has over 12 years of practice experience and maintains a practice in Thousand Oaks, CA.  Treating a variety of patients in a family practice setting, has enabled him to provide online information with a wide range of proven techniques that have been shown to help people who suffer with Fibromyalgia and how to find the correct product to help their individual needs.  On a personal level, Dr. Swartzburg has watched his own wife suffer with Fibromyalgia since 1996 and has been able to draw on his experiences to bring more depth to the way he has approached this subject. 



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